How to Lubricate

Lubricant Options

There are several different brands of lubricant, but they can all be divvied up into two categories: silicone spray and wax sticks. iMovR treadmill lubricant falls under the first category. We recommend using a 100% silicone oil spray like iMovR treadmill lubricant because it is easier and cleaner to use than the wax stick variety. In addition, silicone oil sprays are not petroleum-based and contain no harmful solvents, petroleum distillates or propellants which can degrade the effectiveness of the lubricant.


How to lubricate a treadmill

Most treadmill manufacturers provide information on lubrication in their instruction manuals, so if you have yours handy it’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s own specific guidelines. If you can’t find your manual or don’t have it anymore, rest easy. We’ve compiled a list of links to popular treadmill user manuals that include lubrication information.

Lubricating a treadmill

The folks at WorkWhileWalking put together the following video that shows a method of lubrication that will work for almost all treadmill models. Always be sure to follow lubricant safety instructions, as well as any safety instructions detailed in the owner’s manual for your treadmill.

Instructions: You’ll want to apply the lubricant in the area where your feet make the most contact with the belt. Use a spatula or putty tool to lift the edge of the belt up so you can get your fingers underneath to lift it.

Apply your iMovR silicone spray to the underside of the running belt. Spray a line from the center of the board out towards you. Repeat the same on the other side of the treadmill. Do not apply to the walking surface of the belt. When done take a stroll on your treadmill for a few minutes to help spread the lubricant around.

In some cases you’ll need to loosen the belt (follow your treadmill’s instruction manual) in order to sufficiently lift up the belt, and then re-tighten the belt after application. Belts shift and expand over time so it’s always a good idea to check the tensioning of the belt each time you lubricate. A belt that is too loose can slip when you least expect it; too tight can put undue pressure on ball bearings in the roller, increase friction and power consumption, and stretch the belt out. Always follow your treadmill maker’s instructions for maintaining the correct tension level on the rollers.

How to Lubricate a Treadmill
How to Lubricate a Treadmill

Lubricating your treadmill extends its life by years and helps protect critical components, but this simple task can sometimes seem more complicated than it is. Well, don't put it off any longer! Grab your treadmill lubricant, because we here at WorkWhileWalking put together this video to show you how to lubricate your treadmill.